About the Artist

Pune based Artist Pratiti Desai, has been honing her skills in Sketching & painting for the past several years now. With her Major in Psychology & Diploma in Fine Arts, she incorporates behavioural theory as well as colour theory into her art.

Learning from National & state awardees the ancient art forms of the Indian subcontinent like Madhubani, Shekhawati Frescoes, Pattachitra, Warli etc, she has grown to embellish this into her work. Her passion is to use various mediums such as Acrylic & Natural dyes to create the undying Art of India which talk About the depth of Our countries Roots & Culture.

About Pratikrut

A painting on a canvas is not just a form, design or shape, it's a reflection of myself. Each painting has its own story, whether it's an ancient Indian folk tale or a modern culture of the 21st century; a true piece of Passion, Research, workshops & of course hard work. What an insightful journey! through intricate strokes & embracing bright colours, it's been an awakening in itself.

About Artist of Pratikrut

Learning is a treasure that will follow it's owners everywhere. It was a privilege to learn different Art forms of Indian folk heritage Art from National & padmashree awardee Artists. Madhubani ( Bihar), Lippan ( Bhuj) ,Shekhawati frescoes ( Udaipur) , Thangka ( ladakh) , Aipan ( Uttrakhand) , Pattachitra ( Orissa) , Mata ni pachedi ( Gujrat) , Saanjhi( Mathura), pichwai ( bikaner) Warli ( Maharashtra), Tholu bommlata ( Andhra Pradesh) & many more.